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Next German courses 2017


Address: Capistrangasse 10, 1060 Vienna (next to Mariahilferstrae, U2 Museumsquartier, U3 Neubaugasse)

Registration: 0043 (1) 2369072 or

Office open: daily 9 am - 2 pm

4. - 30. September

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30 am 10.00 am A2/1 A2/1 A2/1
9.30 am 12.00 pm A2/2 A2/2
10.15 am 11.45 am B1/1 B1/1 B1/1
12.30 pm 2.00 pm B2/1 B1/2 B2/1 B1/2 B1/2
2.15 pm
3.45 pm
A1/1 A1/1 B2/1 A1/1
7.00 pm
9.30 pm
A1/2 A1/2

next courses:

4 September - 29 September
2 October - 27 October
30 October - 24 November
27 November - 21 December
A1/1 - A1/2 beginner
A2/1 - A2/2 pre-intermediate
B1/1 - B1/2 intermediate
B2/1 - B2/2 advanced
How to apply?

Will there be an entrance exam?
Before the start of the course you should do an entrance exam. You can evaluate your language skills by taking the written test on our homepage.

Where and when do I have to sign up for the course?

To register please come to our school daily from 9 am - 4 pm.

You can also pay with bank-transfer:

Deutschzentrum Wien
IBAN AT134300041288032000
Volksbank Wien.

Do I get a certificate?
You will receive a course completion confirmation which contains the number of hours and course level. If you need an official confirmation of your language skills you need to take the SD examination (Austrian German Diploma). Wed be glad to provide you with further information.

Join us now and learn German!
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