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Deutsch lernen - Learn German

German for Kids (intermediate)

For bilingual Children with German as second language

7 - 10 years old

10 weeks, 2 times per week

160 €

Improvement of grammar knowledge (i.e. articles, positions of the words) and language awareness

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IMG_20180914_120036 / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klickenGerman is not the mother tongue for half of all kids in Vienna. They are multilingual. That's good, but of course it takes longer to learn two or more languages in parallel than just a first language. That is why these children often make mistakes when speaking German in elementary school: they confuse articles, the words are not always in the correct position in the sentence and they may not even know a few words. All this we will improve in our course.

Unser Lehrer: Walter Mathes

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