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Our method

Our Method
While we can’t exactly say that we’ve reinvented language learning, we can say that we have several tricks up our sleeves that ensure our students almost always learn German quickly and successfully:
  • We assess each student’s language level at the beginning of each and then use this as a base line to build upon.
  • We work with real world materials - newspapers, pop songs, magazines, blogs, Youtube videos and more
  • From the outset, we ensure that all students speak in the classroom, usually in partners or small groups.
  • We explain German grammar in great detail, and teach it step by step. We focus on the aspects of grammar that are most useful for everyday speaking and practice it intensively.
  • We use a lot of materials that we’ve developed ourselves and tested repeatedly.
  • In addition to all this, we use high-quality textbooks that we’ve tested ourselves with a variety of exercises (eg. Schritte, Themen, Tangram, EM, Grammatik klipp und klar).
Regular feedback from our students helps us to improve our courses further.
We also offer a wealth of additional exercises and explanations on our website and our Youtube channel, as well as running regular events, such as ‘The Deutsch-Café’, where all students of the school, both past and present, can meet, get to know each other and practice German together. Many friendships formed here, and even relationships - Forget Tinder!
We make sure that all students are placed in the right group. If we notice that someone is finding a course too difficult or too easy, they can easily change groups.
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We offer a variety of useful methods for learning German, such as flashcards, posters, videos etc. In each group, there are never more than 12 students, so everyone has plenty of opportunity to speak and the teacher is able to offer individual attention to everyone. After each course, there are homework assignments to practice what you have learned. The fun never stops!
We’ll inform you about useful websites, Youtube channels and other free learning resources. You can even borrow textbooks and audio CDs from the school.
Most importantly: there is free coffee, tea and Wifi.
Each course (e.g., A2, B1, etc.) is divided into two months. You can either complete one level in two months (6 lessons per week) or in one month (12 lessons per week).
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